Welcome to the Force Readiness Clinic

Our mission is to provide men and women in uniform the medical care they deserve. This will be accomplished by promoting health and wellness with a focus on disease prevention through healthy lifestyles and routine medical screenings. We understand the unique demands of your professions including long hours, extended deployments and separations from your loved ones. We recognized the need for a clinic in the Atlanta area that addressed the need for consistent comprehensive primary care services for our uniformed personnel. We are dedicated to providing efficient comprehensive and friendly medical care. Let us earn your trust.

Dr. Walker and Steve Conley PA-C have been providing medical care clearances for firefighters, police, Haz-Mat and military units for most of their careers. Steve Conley is a retired Army PA and he knows the needs of this military community. The Force Readiness Clinic (FRC) was designed to provide a medical home for our men and women in uniform. We are able to provide primary care, specialty referrals, routine exams, FAA flight physicals, Haz-mat and promotional physicals. Beyond this we want to provide a place you can depend on if you become ill. You won't have to depend on a doc in the box for your care. We will be your medical home that you know and trust when you medical care.